telXira CEO Statement 2022: Bringing Customer Experience and Simplicity to Business Messaging

Over the last 12 months, business messaging continued to ramp up and create new opportunities for service providers and enterprises. Increasing demands for new revenue streams from service providers and growing recognition of the power of A2P messaging from enterprises has made business messaging one of the most exciting segments of the communications market.

The A2P SMS market was estimated to be worth $59.1 billion in the year 2020, and is projected to reach $74.7 billion by 2026 with a CAGR of 4%, according to ResearchAndMarkets. It is a market that is both maturing but also showing consistent and long-term growth.

At telXira, we’re focused on making it simple, efficient and easy for both service providers and enterprises to get the most out of the opportunity in business messaging. We help customers to meet their business goals with business messaging.

Whether it is indirectly via service provider partners or directly to enterprises, we listen, understand, and create solutions that combine the power of our platform with the knowledge and experience to make business messaging successful in any business.

In 2021, we saw some excellent results and exciting partnerships, and we’re looking forward to ramping up this success even further in 2022. This year we are going to help even more service providers deliver business messaging to enterprises, while we support enterprises in our home market of Switzerland.

I’m very proud of our entire team and their ability to continue to push business forward even during times of uncertainty in the world around us. Together, we’re continuing to solve all kinds of customer challenges surrounding business messaging, and really focusing on making our solutions as seamless as possible with customer experience at the core.

Our 2021 Milestones

One of our most exciting developments in 2021 was our partnership with TeleYemen. We supported TeleYemen through the development of its SMS offering, from platform deployment to service delivery. The launch was a big milestone, enabling organisations to deliver world-class wholesale SMS services across Yemen with a seamless experience. We’re continuing to play a critical role in supporting the long-term growth of TeleYemen’s SMS services and enabling the company to innovate and evolve with new products and features.

Another milestone is the continued growth of our partnership with Telia Carrier, now Arelion. The relationship really solidified in the last 12 months, and we played a key role in supporting the team to get the most out of our messaging solutions. We can’t wait to grow together and continue to expand our solution in response to evolving customer demands.

We also launched a suite of new enterprise services for Sunrise UPC GmbH, including new customised Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) for them and many top clients including banks, insurance companies and logistics to name a few. It’s always great to work together with Sunrise to serve a wide pool of customers across all kinds of verticals, and really take their messaging to the next level.

On the enterprise side, a key customer win for us in 2021 was a leading wine delivery service company in Switzerland. We helped the team bring SMS into their wine delivery service and marketing efforts. They were very impressed with our customer service and saw a much bigger conversion on their vouchers after sending a supporting SMS with their email newsletter. It’s been great to see them really grow their communications with customers through SMS and see the results this is bringing to their business.

Big Priorities in 2022

At telXira, we pride ourselves in actively listening to customers and partners and using this feedback to shape our overall strategy. We listen, support and understand different business needs to help customers achieve their goals with business messaging. In 2022, we’ll continue to place customer service and experience at the centre of everything we do.

Here are some of our key focus areas for this year:

  • Increasing Customer Collaboration – In our eyes, success comes from listening and actively evolving our solutions in response to changing customer challenges and demands, rather than simply relying on overall market trends and insights. In 2021, we invested in our Email to SMS service in response to customer requests, which was a huge success, despite market insights suggesting otherwise. Rather than solely listening to market trends and investing in something like RCS, which is supposedly in high demand but not a huge hit with our customers, we’re keen to continue acting on customers’ feedback rather than simply following the crowd.
  • Expanding and Enhancing Our Platform Capabilities – We are focusing on adding more services to our platform to improve customer experience, and further differentiate our business in the market. Our customers’ success is our success, and we will be doing everything we can to develop our solutions set with the services they need to thrive.
  • Sales Enablement and Marketing Support – At telXira we are putting our efforts into offering more than just a platform, and providing new ways to make our customers successful. With the help of our partner agency, we’re keen to enable our customers and partners to benefit from sales enablement and marketing support and further accelerate their success end-to-end in business messaging.
  • Partnering for Success – In 2022, we want to help more service providers and enterprises maximise the value of messaging in their business. We want more organisations to understand our value proposition and experience how we serve our customers with full support. We’re committed to ensuring our customers gain maximum ROI from business messaging and have expert support and guidance throughout their journey.

This Time Next Year

This time next year, telXira will be bigger and better. We’ll have more global carriers offering our platform, more local and regional service providers serving enterprises, and more Swiss enterprises benefiting from A2P. We’re keen to grow our business for both enterprises and service providers, with an even larger focus on our Enterprise Platform. There are so many opportunities for enterprises across verticals to communicate better with their customers and see greater success with their marketing campaigns, and we want to help them get there with dedicated support. Partnerships are at the core of everything we do, and we want to grow together in the world of messaging.

We are challenging the status quo in the business messaging market and providing user-centric solutions that are delivered with customer service end-to-end, no matter the challenge. 2022 is another steppingstone to larger opportunities for our business, customers and partners alike, and we can’t wait to continue our journey.

We’re keen to meet in-person with our partners, customers and any new faces who are interested in speaking to us about our messaging solutions. We’ll be at upcoming events like GCCM London in March and ITW in May, so you can learn more about our plans and where we’re heading as a business. For anyone not planning to be at in-person events this year, we’re always available for online meetings to help you get the most out of business messaging.

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